Articles by Joy Bullard

The Millennials Ultimate Boss Chick | Sophia Amoruso

There is just something about a public figure showing that they are just like us that makes us love them even more. NY Times Best selling Author Sophia Amoruso grabbed my attention last year as I was doing a study…Read more

The Midas Touch: From Wood to Wearable Art

Paul Guillemette has the Midas touch! Mr. Guillimette who is an Artist whose art forms range from Paintings, sculpture to furniture has picked up a new creative outlet that has rallied up a following of die-hard fashionista’s who find Guillemette’s…Read more

Next Up! Young Cory

  I ponder to myself ‘”What will I come up with next? It has to be monumental.’ I hear the beat and I’m in paradise!” Trending LA: So Young Cory, where are you from? Young Cory: San Fernando Valley, (818)…Read more

Are You Living Life Odaingerously?

In the midst of all the trending Celebs and Designer’s this past Oscar’s I was on the hunt to see if anyone was wearing any pieces from emerging designer’ some celebrities do wear and promote emerging designers  from time to…Read more

You Oughta Know: Alabama Shakes!

Brittany Howard who is the front lady of the band “Alabama Shakes” is the re-birth of soulful rock. Well, in my opinion she is….And I am just calling it how I see it. The tendriled curly-haired vivacious Sista has pipes that put her in…Read more