Are You Living Life Odaingerously?

In the midst of all the trending Celebs and Designer’s this past Oscar’s I was on the hunt to see if anyone was wearing any pieces from emerging designer’ some celebrities do wear and promote emerging designers  from time to time at the Oscars but of course as expected I wasn’t having any luck  until I was randomly streaming through my Instagram news feed where I had stumbled across emerging Musician/Designer Odain Watsons photo’s where he was posing live on the red carpet at the Oscar’s wearing his very own luxury street brand  “Odaingerous!.” Odain was standing next to the Oscar Gold statue in a all white Blazer lined with a black patent Leather lapel. As usual countless celebs were asking Odain “where did you get that Blazer!?” And of course Odain Proudly grins and responds “Its my line.” When I spoke to Odain he informed me that Odaingerous is quickly becoming one of the most sought after brands in fashion and a red carpet staple. He also states “I created Odaingerous as an extension of my point of view in fashion I wanted to create something luxury but street. Sophisticated and undeniably sexy. The spike aesthetic is something that gives it a edgy sex appeal and is our brands signature trademark. The Odaingerous lifestyle is being fearless and creating your reality. There’s a since of empowerment when you wear our clothes.”

One celebs that seems to be fearless or just seems to not give a F**k is Lindsay Lohan which is why Odaingerous was considering to possibly cut Lindsay Lohan an endorsement deal of 500k to be the face of his brand. Not sure if that deal is still in talks but I guess we will just have to wait and see…500k is not a bad deal at all to Rock one of the hottest emerging brands which will also have a skincare line launching as well. Odain is not only an emerging artist, he is an emerging Mogul and a force to be reckoned with from LA to NY.

Are you living life Odaingerously?

Check out photos of Odaingerous and Odain’s Music Video “Shock and Awe” below

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Odaingerous Trending LA Odaingerous Trending LA odaingirl1

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