The Midas Touch: From Wood to Wearable Art

Paul Guillemette has the Midas touch! Mr. Guillimette who is an Artist whose art forms range from Paintings, sculpture to furniture has picked up a new creative outlet that has rallied up a following of die-hard fashionista’s who find Guillemette’s designs to be nothing less than out of this world! With wood and resin as his muse, the LA native began experimenting with making wood into Jewelry when he realized he wanted to make art that people could wear as well as create an additional avenue of extra income by offering his art in a way that is more accessible to the public and not just a niche audience of Art connoisseurs.



As Paul religiously began creating wood jewelry his designs quickly became a hit making a debut as a featured artist in LACMA’s boutique and select boutiques in LA I was introduced to Guillimette Jewelry by visual merchandiser/Jewelry Designer Elizabeth Bojorquez at Attire LA. a local boutique in Culver City that prides themselves on carrying Emerging local Designers. Elizabeth provided me with Guillimette’s info and Instagram and I reached out to him to wear his jewelry line during African Fashion Week LA. Due to the enormous Buzz I accessorized my ensembles with Guillimette’s jewelry during LA Fashion week and was accompanied by Mr. Paul Guillimette himself!


Paul Guillemette at Concept LA Fashion Week

As Paul and I became good friends I was very curious to know where his creativity roots from. I soon found out that Guillemette inspiration comes from many facets, one being Designer McQueen to eccentric trend setters who don’t follow the norm, and women shoe designer’s, which Paul believes that women’s shoes has some of the most fascinating architecture. Although being a wood Jewelry designer puts Guillemette in his own lane his Tribal art deco pop twist has given his brand a signature statement piece look. You will definitely know a Guillemette piece when you see one. With out any PR efforts Gilllette pieces have been spotted on celebrities such as shannon luccio, Elisha Cuthbert,Jennifer Hudson and countless editorials.





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