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The Midas Touch: From Wood to Wearable Art

Paul Guillemette has the Midas touch! Mr. Guillimette who is an Artist whose art forms range from Paintings, sculpture to furniture has picked up a new creative outlet that has rallied up a following of die-hard fashionista’s who find Guillemette’s…Read more

Fornarina for Fall

  Fall is finally here so it’s time I introduce you to my latest MUST  HAVE Fall/Winter collection. Fornarina! This line is to die for!! I literally want every piece of their Fall/Winter collection. I also checked out their accessories and Fornarnia…Read more

Spring 2012 Dimepiece “The Drug and The Dream”

The Drug & The Dream, Spring 2012 Launch and Exhibition  Oftentimes escapism, whether achieved naturally or chemically, leads to our most inspirational moments.  No matter the means of escape, somehow our creativity is at its best when we just get away.The latest collection from Dimepiece Designs, entitled “The Drug & the Dream”, explores…Read more

You wanna Look Like A Gossip Girl?

  If this was my night to feel like I was in a scene from Gossip Girl. Let’s just say it would be the scene where the odd girl comes to uptown New York with the prep kids and is…Read more