Fornarina For Fall!


Fall is finally here so it’s time I introduce you to my latest MUST  HAVE Fall/Winter collection. Fornarina! This line is to die for!!

I literally want every piece of their Fall/Winter collection. I also checked out their accessories and Fornarnia did not drop the ball.

Their shoe collection is on point as well as their denim line they have  launched, their denim jeans are made to last for years!

They came up with a formula for  jeans to withstand time without looking homely after a few years go by…so you won’t have to worry about the saggy booty or hip area you may get after you have worn your jeans out.

I love how versatile the pieces are in  Fornarina’s Fall/Winter line, you can dress the blouses and dresses up or down,  making the pieces wearable for day time and night time. The coats are killer! Lots of the jackets and vest have an exaggerated shapes to them, giving the pieces a little edge.

Want to see more?!?!?….


Check out the line and fall in love with Fornarina


Vintage washed and heavily treated jeans to express yourself freely,
soft blouses in printed silk light up the silhouette.
Free Denim for a wild fashion look

Watch the promo reel for Fornarina’s Wild Blue Jeans Below

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