Jen Awad “X Marks The Spot!”
Photo by Time Regas
Jen Awad, who is known on the streets as one of LA’s hottest emerging designer’s. Showed up and showed out! At Ace Gallery “Concept.” There was not a wandering eye or a texting finger once her model’s hit the runway. Awad’s line noticeably showed inspiration’s from the 80s as her designs displayed electric color’s of neon blue, pink, and green. Her Print’s consisted of swirls, cut out hearts, X’s and O’s. My personal favorite is the white,pink, and black number in the photo above. Awad’s show was one of the most highly anticipated shows this fashion week and she did not disappoint. I can’t wait to see what she does next year! And just in case you didn’t know Ms. Awad is also a musician. So when she’s not in front of a sewing im sure she is in the studio or hitting the town to perform with her band. What is it that this girl can’t do?..

Check out footage of Jen Awad’s collection along with a music video below of her showing her pipes as a rock artist!

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