Steed Lord “Respect The Steez”

Let me introduce you to my new-found obsession the Icelandic threesome “Steed Lord” Who came from Iceland and are now L.A. natives. The band consists of Demo, AC, Mega and Kali (the leading lady). Looking at ice princess Kali’s bold style and dramatic make-up it’s easy to compare her to Lady Gaga but on the music tip there’s no comparison other than there both amazingly creative at what they do. Not only is Steed Lord creative in the music department but the group has also collaborated on design projects with H&M. The line literally looks Like their music on fabric but I guess that’s the point right?.. What I love about Steed Lord is that the vocalist can actually sing and she’s giving us a 90’s electro dance feel mixed with a Ghetto tech, crunk twist. I hear a little bit of Cece Peniston in her voice..and if you don’t know who Cece Peniston is let me refresh your memory “So, baby if you want me you’ve got to show me looove” if that doesn’t refresh your memory than Google her. I have to say I haven’t heard a sound like Steed’s Lord’s since the 90’s and I’m excited to see this group infused a blend of sounds which makes them different from other groups today. Their sound set’s them apart but I hear their performance is a sight to see as well but beware of all the neon and glitter that might blind you from there’s 80’s/retro attire. Steed Lord is taking dance music to whole nother level and is a must hear! Check out Steed Lord’s latest video “Bed of Needles” from her second studio album Heart ll Heart which is available digitally worldwide and one of my personal favorite’s “Take My Hand”

by: Joy Bullard

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