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I ponder to myself ‘”What will I come up with next? It has to be monumental.’ I hear the beat and I’m in paradise!”

Trending LA: So Young Cory, where are you from?

Young Cory: San Fernando Valley, (818)

Trending LA: Representing the 818! When did you realize you wanted to pursue rapping as a career?

Young Cory: I first genuinely grasped the idea of rap being my occupation after troubles with the law forced me to become an entrepreneur. Now I’m extra ambitious and put forth my full focus & abilities into my record label Disdain Rebel Records.

Trending LA: Being a rap artist who also runs his owns label is pretty impressive. Why did you start Disdain Rebel Records and is there a story behind the name?

Young Cory: The story behind me starting Disdain Rebel Records was to help promote and distribute other peoples music as well as my own . One thing that all artist signed to Disdain have in common is our general disdain for the music industry. We have been treated as though we are not worthy of notice or recognition, but we’re here to respond and take charge of our own destiny. We rebel against them and all other forms of tyranny.

Trending LA: Love it! You mentioned being caught up with the law. Around that time was it hard for you to find work or did you feel like you were caught up in the system?Did becoming an entrepreneur seem like the light at the end of the tunnel?

Young Cory: It became extremely difficult every time I had a job interview. I met all requirements except passing the background checks. Yes I definitely fell hopelessly into an intricate, complex system which was my own fault at the end of the day. I Also was placed with the important role of having to sacrifice negative energies and influences out of my life. I do believe it was a light at the end of the tunnel, but even more so it was the only option I had to be successful

Trending LA: What inspires you to write music?

Young Cory: Love the Question: my answer would have to be an ample amount of different things inspires me to write music. Some of my earliest inspiration derives from Musicians I grew up listening to. These days I get inspiration from GOD and almost all observed objects this world is comprised of. I feel like my music is just a written document and sound track to life.

Trending LA: What feeling do you get when you are in the studio?

Young Cory: It’s truly indescribable, but I’ll do my best. In my adolescent stages of recording music, I would get real anxious & nervous. Something like that roller-coaster ride feeling you get in your stomach as your in the process of a massive drop! But now, with more time and years under my belt, it’s more of an anticipation type thing. I ponder to myself ‘What will I come up with next? It has to be Monumental.’ I hear the beat and i’m in Paradise!

Trending LA: With that response I can tell that music is a true passion of yours. Who are some of your influence’s?

Young Cory:Shawn(Jay-z)Carter, Dwayne(Lil wayne)Carter, Michael Jeffrey Jordan, Lesane Parish Crooks(2pac), Jean-Michel Basquiat, Milton William Cooper, Andre Benjamin 3000, Leonardo Pisano(Leonardo Fibonacci) william Shakespeare & Colin Chapman

Trending LA: I never heard a rapper say they are inspired by Basquiat and Shakespeare How do these individuals inspire you?

Young Cory: Lol. Well, I have been told I’m not the average/normal typical rapper as in being labeled eccentric and outside of the box with my thoughts & ideas. To answer the question, those are two very prominent figures in my life. I’ve learned substantial amounts from both. Basquiat had a never give up spirit and attitude. He started out homeless doing extravagant graffiti in the streets of New York to become one of the greatest painters of all time, whose authentic art work today cost MILLIONS (Obviously my FAVORITE of ALL TIME) William Shakespeare has managed to touch and inspire many people’s lives and mine is no different. The thing about Shakespeare is that he coined so many words we still use today and was an impeccable writer. His works are not shallow in the least bit and are quite intricate and complex which inspires me to make my songs more profound and sophisticated.

Trending LA: I dig that! Has your rap style ever been compared to anyone?

Young Cory: I’ve never flat-out heard I sound Exactly like someone, but I’ve been told certain things about my raps are similar to others such as: I drop double and triple entendres like Jay-Z, my wordplay is clever like Drake’s and I can switch my deliveries up like Lil Wayne

Trending LA: What are three words you would use to Describe Young Cory?

Young Cory: Diligent, Ambitious, Entrepreneur

Trending LA: What would you say is the downside of the industry?

Young Cory: My answer would be that people, at one point myself included, sometimes think it’s the easy way out. Like instead of a 9-5. They think, if I do this I will automatically be successful. Just jumping in the studio isn’t enough. There is a lot more to it.

Trending LA: I agree, a lot of people have the over-night-success idea of it all. What would you say is the biggest moment in your journey as an independent artist?

Young Cory: Well, I try to remain humble so every little thing counts to me. From a fan or supporter hitting me up or being featured on blogs or website such as “Trending LA” is an honor. But, my biggest moment would have to be getting played on SEAN MUSIC TV which is a massive internet radio show based in the UK for like 9 months in a row! BIG UPS to Sean Reed and Trigonometry!!

Trending LA: What Words of Advice Would You Give to other Artists embarking on their journey as Independent Artists?

Young Cory: I would truly first and foremost badger them to learn the business! Especially since you’re an independent artist. If you’re not the type who wants to learn than you will need to hire someone you can TRUST, someone who knows the business. Preferably New Age business. The internet has brought forth a digital age and changed everything. So take time to learn and get serious. Stop the clubbin and hanging out. Bury yourself in a lab/domain and get to work. Also, another key thing is networking. It’s vital and can be quite beneficial. Show support and make connections with other artist, songwriters, producers and most importantly, managers. I myself am a manager now and through the experiences of handling my own business affairs such as booking shows, contacting blogs/websites, running my own social media, registering my work, etc… So at a certain stage you can do it all yourself. It just depends on what you want. Need to know more just contact me.

Young Cory’s New Debut Solo EP “Disdain” is out Now! Listen below to hear some of his tracks and get familiar with Young Cory!



You can Contact Yong Cory personally if you would like to purchase his Album.

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